Salzburg Stier (Bull) Barrel Organ
Hear The Stier Play & Roar

The 49 Second Sound Bite
With Narration to Explain

Just The "Roar"
A 5 Second Sound Bite

The 49 Second Sound Bite
With Pictures and
Narration to Explain


The 49 second sound bite which can be played here is taken from a video tape describing the Castles of Salzburg. The tape will be identified later.

There are two streaming audio choices. You have your choice of either or both if your browser is setup properly. The RealAudio file is about 105KBytes and the mp3 file is about 400KBytes and was setup for QuickTime. After the first playing of the tune you should be able to replay it without any holdups.

These files have been created to work with 56K modems. Even then the playing might stutter a little bit due to data transmission overload on the network. Also they might be delayed in starting in order to get some of the sound downloaded before playing starts. This minor inconvenience needs to be tolerated in order to get the sound in the highest quality.

We hope you enjoy this small sample of the Stier Sound.

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