Report & Pictures of the
Restored Steir & StierFest Festival
October 26, 2002


Hello everyone,

I am pleased to be able to report to you that the "Salzburg Stier" Barrel Organ is once again back in the fortress "Hohensalzburg". The homecoming celebration known as the "StierFest" was a tremendous success, Representatives from every European automated music society were present as well as several hundred invited guests complete with Radio and television coverage. Well over 8,000 people used the Funicular railroad up to the fortress, while many others walked up the winding path. The event started with a formal opening ceremony, where representatives of government, as well as the restoration team spoke, also the list of "Sponsors of the Stier restoration" was presented and placed beside the Stier.

The Salzburg Stier performed magnificently, everyone agreed that it sounds wonderful, All of the songs pleased even the most fussy Mozart fan and the famous "Castle horn" had people holding their ears as it bellowed out it's roar. All day long the Stier played it's full repertoire.

Special tours of the Stier and its (6 persons to operated) bellows room were conducted all day long, as well as tours into the depths of the castle allowing people to see and experience places never open to the public before. Many automated musical acts were hired from all over Europe to perform around the fortress and in the old town. A organ walk was also presented with stops in several of the many museums for special performances on instruments dating from the early 1600's as well as hourly performances in the Cathedral on the five!! organs housed in this magnificent church. This is where Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as Michael Haydn, Paul Hofhaymer to name just a few. played all five organs together for the Prince Arch Bishops of Salzburg and the common citizen. The walk continued on the Hellbrunn Palace and garden, There the very rare "Water Organ" was displayed allowing people to actually view and photograph all of the interior. Needless to say there are many other items of interest that happened at the StierFest so please visit the Salzburg Stier web site at to see photographs of the event. To the generous "Sponsors of the Stier restoration" The book describing the restoration was presented at the Festival and your copy will be coming to you very soon. The special new CD of "The Stier in Concert" will be completed in about 8 weeks and will also be sent directly to you by me. Please feel free to contact me for further information. These items are only available to sponsors so if you would like to still become a part of this event it is still not to late, Please see the web site for details.

Best Regards to everyone
Ron Schmuck

Festival Entertainment Pictures
Opening Ceremony Pictures

The restored organ and barrel - Bob van Wely making adjustments

The Team
L to R - Bob van Wely, Utrecht Museum.
Ferdinand F Salomon, Master Orgelbau, Austria,
and Dr Jan Jaap L Haspels Utrecht Museum

The Stier Loft
Picture by Philippe Rouille of France

Stier Festival Activities & People

Ron Schmuck representing MBSI
with Mgr Frau Barbara Walton

Unless otherwise noted all pictures were taken by Ron Schmuck

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Festival Entertainment Pictures
Opening Ceremony Pictures